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Industrial Holding for acquisitions of companies from special situations

Welcome to Kairos Industries

When companies in the manufacturing industry get into economic and financial difficulties, shareholders and management do not always have the necessary skills and resources at their disposal to turn back the tide.


Kairos Industries is a specialist for the majority holding, consolidation and operative development of mid-sized industrial companies as well as non-core corporate group entities. As an active sparring partner for companies from the industrial mid-sized sector, we have the necessary entrepreneurial experience and fiscal expertise to take over the reins for companies that find themselves in compromising situations and help them to get back on track. 


Even if there may not be any guarantees for success, our many years of experience have demonstrated time and again that we have successfully managed to turnaround companies that have found themselves even in seemingly hopeless situations and helped them to sustainably reposition themselves.


Our approach

Companies are as varied as the products they manufacture and the people that manage them. Even though every situation is somewhat unique, in essence, we still stay true to our tried and tested approach.

Listen: We maintain a close liaison with shareholders, managers, financiers, tax consultants, auditors, and staff representatives.

Assess: We swiftly evaluate and assess the situation and options for restructuring.

Adjudicate: We draft an investment offer and as a majority shareholder also often assume management.

Unburden: We take the burden off the existing shareholders and conduct negotiations with creditors, vendors, and employees.

Consolidate: We restructure financing schemes, adjust processes and create sustainable prospects for all stakeholders.

Support: Together, we realise new market potentials and accompany management as an active sparring partner.

Our added value


Short paths to decision-making and smart solutions allow us to swiftly implement even critical transactions.


As a group of entrepreneurs and investors with many years of experience, we bring fiscal and cross-industrial expertise to the table.


We have knowledge about companies in exceptional situations from numerous mandates and inter-company relations at our disposal.


In order to be able to act effectively, we exclusively assume controlling interest with our own funds.


We invest with long-term prospects in order to sustainably secure revenue, profitability and growth.


Keeping an eye on the interests of all stakeholders, we develop solutions for existing shareholders, financiers, and employees.

Our Focus

Kairos Industries has a firm focus on investment. But exceptions attest to the rule.
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